Alpaca Blankets

Utilising luxurious Alpaca fibre, we have designed an elegant natural collection of blankets manufactured in Australia. Alpaca fibre offers a superior softness and provides a high level of warmth. Unique thermal properties enable the release of heat in warm conditions, while trapping when it cool.

  • It is seven times warmer than wool due to the composition of the fibre.
  • It is lightweight due to its composition – Alpaca is a smooth, tubular, hollow fibre. Heat trapped in the fibre is what gives it such warmth.
  • It is soft against skin due to the absence of barbs.
  • It is hypoallergenic because it has no skin-irritating lanolin oil.
  • It is durable because it is a natural fibre; also sustainable.



  • Fibre               : 100% pure new Australian Alpaca fleece
  • Guarantee   :  5 years
  • Care                :  Dryclean (P)


  • Single Size     :  122 x 210 cm
  • Double Size  :  180 x 210cm
  • Queen Size    :  210 x 210 cm
  • King Size        :  240 x 210 cm


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