Hospitality & Wine Tour

We are partners with TAFE NSW, an award-winning provider of world-class training for the hospitality and wine industry.

  • The Sydney Wine Academy –

Offers a wide range of courses ranging from beginner level to specialised industry qualifications.


  • The Sydney Coffee Academy –

The programs range from a three-hour coffee enthusiast programs, nationally accredited programs for industry professionals, café traineeships, and a one-week cafe management program for entrepreneurs.

  • Barista courses are a great place to start for those budding connoisseurs interested in entering the hospitality industry, upgrading their skills or learning about the art of coffee making.
  • Café Industry Programs provide essential knowledge, insights and technical skills if you would like to own and operate your own café.


  • The Australian Patisserie Academy –

The  programs provide culinary professionals and food enthusiasts the opportunity to further your patisserie training, giving you the confidence and expertise to shine in the kitchen.

The Academy offers specialised courses in:

  • Chocolate
  • Patisserie
  • Sugar
  • Bread

Cake Design and Decoration


For more information, please email to


Sydney Office

m. 0408 112 231